Dahbi Morocco Tours FAQ's

Frequently Asked

  • About our travel agency

    Dahbi Morocco tours is a professional tour operator based in Ouarzazate and plaining distinctive guided trips all around Morocco for different sorts of visitors.our Moroccan travel agency will help you discover the diversity of the Moroccan culture.

      Dahbi Morocco tours will afford :
    • Friendly drivers
    • Local licensed professional guides
    • Good Accomodation
  • Where do i find my essentials trip informations?

    Every trip has a set of facts that visitors should read, To access your Essential Information with full details of your next trip, please visit our “Morocco Tours” facts page on our website. The Essential Trip Information is accessible at the top of this page.

    • Do you have a list of places we are staying at?

      we can’t give you a full list before you travel for the simple reason that we have several hotels in each city that we can alternate our groups between. But we can guarantee you that you will be as comfortable as possible during your stay.

      • Visa Informations

        Most foreign nationals entering Morocco do not need a visa, if you are a tourist from Canada USA or a European passport holder, you only must have a valid passport with at least one blank page. Visas are not required for visits lasting less than 90 days. If you are from another country, you must consult the Moroccan embassy or consultant in your country.

        • How safe is Morocco?

          Morocco is a super safe place to visit, Violent crimes are rare in Morocco. You should only stay vigilant of pretty skilled thieves in crowded markets .in fact there are tourists police officers in Moroccan cities

          • What to do in case of having a medical condition?

            In case of having an important health problem such as diabetes , drug & alcohol abuse ,or heart disease ,please let us know about it in order to adjust measures. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your travel to the fullest.

            • How to communicate?

              Moroccans tend to speak and understand a variety of languages such as English, frensh and there are few who know how to talk Spanish, meanwhile, a try to converse in the Moroccan language s much appreciated by locals.

              • What is the electrical system in Morocco?

                 In Morocco, the standard voltage is 220 V and the frequency is 50 Hz. European and American electrical systems are different from ours . a voltage converter is needed to use your electric appliances in Morocco.

                • How can i pay for the tour?

                  A deposit of 40 is necessary to make a reservation for your tip and that’s through bank transformation or PayPal, and then you will pay what is left on your arrival in cash.

                  • Customize my own program tour

                    If you have itineraries from other programs or have ideas of your own, feel free to contact us so we can work together in order to design your own fully customized trip, just mention dates, destination, interests, activities, group size and we'll do our best.