About Us- Dahbi Morocco Tours is a Moroccan travel agency based in Morocco. Our team will plan your Moroccan trip and make sure that your private tour in Morocco will be distinctive.
Dahbi Morocco tours will afford you friendly drivers and local licensed professional guides speaking English, French, Spanish and Arabic who can help you explore amazing must-see sites all around Morocco.
When deciding to visit Morocco, whether you are a relaxed spaces lover, or an explorer and adventurer enthusiast; Our company will customize your Morocco-guided tour to suit your interests.
Besides that, our Moroccan travel agency will help you discover the diversity of the Moroccan culture by having the opportunity to live among local Berber people, learn some of their language and lifestyle, meet amazing artisans, and finally try delightful Moroccan meals.


By choosing Dahbi Morocco Tours to discover Morocco, you will guarantee yourself that you will have an unforgettable experience in one of the most wonderful countries :

Dahbi Morocco Tours offers tailor-made trips
– We offer the best prices compared to other companies
– Our management team, guides, and drivers are all licensed and have years of experience
– We offer various programs and tours that suit all kinds of tourists
– Our vehicles are air-conditioned, clean, and comfortable
– Last and not least, we focus on our client’s safety and comfort

Whether you are thinking of visiting Morocco on your own or considering booking a guided tour with our Moroccan travel agency, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us in order to discuss your needs.